Designed by a naval architect, the hull was created to be stable both at rest and on the move. Due to the hull’s shape, the JOMO planes comfortably and easily, even with only one person on board. The boat is roto-moulded using the latest materials and techniques. This creates a double skin that makes level flotation possible and provides a soft enjoyable ride.

It is almost impossible to damage the hull due to its polyethylene structure, which is four times as strong as fibreglass. Dents and damage are a thing of the past. The hull is also manufactured as one piece, so there are no seams or welds that can break or bend. This was demonstrated during the JOMO drop tests for compliance to international standards. The boat was dropped from a 10 metre height onto a road and bounced with no structural damage. It was also dropped with half a tonne of weight and was still undamaged. Very little hull maintenance is required due to the sheer durability of the material.

Not only is the hull tough, but it is also naturally buoyant, allowing the hull to remain above water even when completely filled with water. As a result of the hull’s buoyancy and strength, the JOMO hull has the world’s highest safety rating with level flotation that keeps the occupants “in” the boat even if it is swamped — something essential when there are predators in the water.


The JOMO handles and turns smoothly, and is very stable and comfortable even through choppy, rough water. It tracks precisely at high and low speeds, making it easy for anyone to handle on the water. The balance, by design, is exceptional.   

The JOMO can plane quickly and easily due to the unique hull design. With the rear tabs, steering is smooth and precise even in choppy conditions. The JOMO is legally allowed to use up to a 20hp motor, unlike the majority of 3 metre boats with many limited to 5hp. It planes with a 6hp motor, making it ideal for young water enthusiasts. 

The aluminium reinforced transom is extremely solid, unlike many small boats which lack rigidity. The internal aluminium plate is bound by plastic and sandwiched together with an additional two aluminium plates to provide unparalleled rigidity. This is what allows a 20hp motor to be used with ease.


The JOMO can be used for numerous applications: a weekend runabout for the family; a safe boat for the kids; or as a tender to large vessels. Due to its high safety rating, the JOMO is also suitable for commercial and emergency purposes. Commercially, the JOMO can be used as a hire boat, as a tender to houseboats, for pontoon fabricators and for emergency services. In fact, for any commercial use where a strong safe and stable boat with low maintenance is required, the JOMO is the smart choice.   


The JOMO can be fully recycled — a feature that is essential for a sustainable future. The life expectancy of the JOMO is over three times that of an inflatable boat, even if stored in the sun. This makes great use of our planet’s limited resources. Forget ever having to wax, polish or anti-foul the JOMO; all you need is a soft brush and some soapy water to keep the JOMO looking great. No more harsh chemicals that leach into the water, endangering our marine life.